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We have created this Quiz section to test our visitor's knowledge of this website. We will be adding more quiz questions in the near future.
Quiz  #1
  # In which year did our "eldest" [or "most senior"] alumni graduate?
    1953  1954  1955  1956
Quiz  #2
  # Which major/discipline has the highest number of alumni in the database?
    Civil  Mechanical  Electrical (EC)  Electrical (Power)
Quiz  #3
  # In which year was the Burma Institute of Technology, BIT, offivially renamed to Rangoon Institute of Technology, RIT?
    1960  1962  1964  1966
Quiz  #4
  # Which country has the largest concentration of alumni? (A little too obvious, don't you think??)
    Australia  Singapore  Thailand  United States
Quiz  #5
  # What year did the current BIT/RIT/YIT campus open?
    1960  1961  1962  1963
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