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Editor - Ko Hla Min (EC. 1969)
RIT Alumni International Newsletter
  May 2006

Dear Sayas and Colleagues,

     This is a consolidation of the email updates that I sent in May 2006.

                                      Update (May  5,  2006)

   It's slightly more than 7 years since I started the e-mail updates
for RIT Alumni International.

During that time, three RIT Grand Reunion and Saya Pu Zaw Pwes took
place: South San Francisco, USA (in October 2000), Singapore (in
December 2002), and Yangon, Myanmar (in December 2004). Many
mini-reunions (by class and/or discipline) also took place.

The next Grand Reunion and Saya Pu Zaw will be held in Singapore in
April 2007 [around "Thingyan" -- Myanmar New Year celebrating the
luni-solar-socio-religious calendar].

There are only about 50 to 100 "known" alums in Australia, but the
RIT spirit is alive and well. Ko La La, Christine, Ko Tin Aung Win, and
Dorothy [younger daughter of Sayagyi U Kyaw Tun, Elec] attended Reunion
2000. The alums in the Sydney area have regularly met once or twice a
year. This time, they have invited alums all over the world to join
their "Australia wide" reunion in Sydney on July 8, 2006. Some alums
from New Zealand, Singapore, and elsewhere are expected to join and
experience the "Australian winter".

I plan to be there to meet the ex-rit as well as ex-ucc, ex-rubc,
ex-sphs, relatives, friends, dhamma bearers, ...

From Ko Thet Tun (Henry, Mech '75, Australia)

Ko Thein Ngwe [ChE 76, Japan],

Have received word from Ko Hla Min that you would be coming to
Australia in July. We are planning a mini-reunion of our ex-RIT'ians
here on 08 July 2006 (Australia wide and some from New Zealand and
Singapore) and hope you can schedule your visit here to coincide with
this. Ko Theikdi Hla [your classmate] is also in Sydney. We meet quite
often and I will ask him to contact you.

Please feel free to contact me anytime. Ko Lar Lar is away in
another state (Queensland) and will be back in Sydney only on 10 May 06.


Thrice blessed day (Buddha's Day) celebrations:
May 7, 2006: Tathagatha Meditation Center (TMC), San Jose
May 7, 2006: Taungpulu Kaba Aye Monastery (TKAM), Boulder Creek
May 14, 2006: Dhammanand Vihara, Half Moon Bay
sponsored by Theravada Buddhist Society of America

July 26, 2006: bilingual Meditation Retreat
California Vipassana Center, North Folk

                                      Update (May  6,  2006)

    Some sad news.

Singapore ex-rit

Today our dear friend U Khin Maung Htwe [Civil 68] passed away
peacefully at 2.30pm. He was 64. He was well liked by many people. He
participated in many activities and had many friends. I was worried
because of his weight that he might have high blood pressure and/or
diabetes, [but it is unfortunate that] he had to die of insect bites.
What terrible Annicca, Dukka and Annatta manifestation.

Since we all see him very often and to lose him to unforseen
situation, it reminds us of uncertainty of life. "Here today; gone
tomorrow". It could have been you and me my dear friends.

The funeral will be tomorrow. Daw San San Mya [EP 72] will
annnouncce the time/schedule when [the program has been] finalised. He
is survived by his wife Daw San San Mya [he likes to be introduced as
San Mya Mya's Ko Ko], and two daughters. The elder is ChE [phD] working
in UK. The younger one has graduated from USA and is now working in Singapore.

We will all miss him. May he go to a good abode.

With metta,
Tin Tin Myint [Emma, ChE 70]


Dear Saya/Sayama and Friends,

U Khin Maung Htwe (68 Civil), husband of Daw San San Mya (72 EP)
passed away at 2:30 pm, 6th May 2006 (Saturday) at Alexandra Hospital, Singapore.

Funeral Program

Date: 7th May 2005 (Sunday)

Bus Route -1
From Daw San San Mya's Home to Singapore Casket 4:00 p.m

Bus Route -2
From Peninsula Plaza (Contact Person: Daw Than Than Nu) to
Singapore Casket; 4:30pm

U Khin Maung Htwe's body and all Buses will leave Singapore
Casket at 5:00pm to Mandai Cemetery.

Funeral Rite will be from 5:30pm to 6:00 pm at Mandai Cemetery

Daw San San Mya's Home
BLK310, #06-304
Jurong East St 32
Singapore 600310

Singapore Casket Co (Pte) Ltd
131 Lavender Street Singapore 338737

With Metta,
Hla Kyi (77 EC)


Dear Aung Khin (EP 68),

I have been just been informed that Khin Maung Htwe passed away at
2 pm to-day, Singapore time. Sann Sann Mya and her daughters were with
him when he passed away. Tun Tun and I will visit Sann Sann Mya, at her
place, this evening.

Sein Shwe (Mech 67)


Sein Shwe

I just talked to Ma Khin Toke and Aung Swan at Khin Mg Htwe's house.
I am so sorry for my beloved friend Khin Mg Htwe. This is for everybody
to go someday, nobody knows when, where and how.

Please convey my condolences to San San Mya and her family.

Your Beloved Friends

Aung Khin (EP 68) and The' The'
Los Angeles, California
May 6,2006

ex-sphs news

Mingalabah U Johnny (Thane Oke Kyaw Myint, ex-sphs 60),

We were all saddened to hear that your elder Daw Kyi Kyi Myint
(Lily) 63 passed away in Yangon untimely after an heart attack. Please
accept our heart felt condolences. She will be in our prayers. My
family and I will be refuge at a Burmese Theravada Buddhist monastery
in Sydney in next weekend, offering Swan for the monks there. My
prayers will be for her and her safe journey to wherever she is traveling.

Again, my family and I extend to you our deepest sympathies. Our
thoughts and prayers to our Lord Buddha are with you in your moment of grief.

Warmest regards,
Ko Bonnie [Kywe, Dr. Thann Naing, ex-sphs 65/66]

PS. Ko HM (US) and Ko Stanley and Sandra from NZ are coming to Sydney
to in July. We all can get together, if you make your retirement [from
UNICEF, Fiji] in June [and be] at Canberra [Australia]. I will give all
of your an authentic Australian BBQ, you all will never forget where I
learnt from my own outback experience. I might also come an visit you
in Canberra to if I am still around there. But my base is move to
University of Newcastle in Newcastle where Sydney Basin research is
normally based. Please do take extra care there in Fiji, political
boiling point is reaching in Solomon's. Your retirement is only months away.


Dear Ko Bonnie -

Many thanks for your kind message. Yet another funeral that I could
not attend. In July, if my wife's health is OK, I will be there down in
Sydney to be with all of you.

With fond regards
Johnny KM [TOKM]

ex-rit Australia

Dear Ko Hla Min

We are all very happy and honoured to know that you are coming to
our Down under reunion. It is too bad that Benny and Maurice won't be
able to come. Those two guys were some of the few shortlisted people we
were counting on to come from your part of the world. We still hope they
can change their minds.

Please extend our invitation to all the Sayas and friends and
especially to Mr and Mrs Zaw Min Nawaday.

I am now at Brisbane and will be back to Sydney on the 10th. Will
call and talk to you then.

Best regards
La La [Aye Win Hlaing, Abel]

ex-rit Japan

It's a small world. Learnt a few days ago that Wunna Ko Ko ('98) is
the son of Sayama Daw Khin Mar Mar (Physics, ex-ucc) and the grandson
of Sayagyi U Net (Mathematics).

Wunna is doing his Masters specializing in Natural Language
Processing. He has a web page that uses Unicode to render Myanmar characters.

                                      Update (May  7,  2006)

    Updates from Ko Zaw Aung and Ko Zaw Tun Naing.

ex-rit Singapore

Dear U Hla Min


We are going for funeral and today morning Buddhist monks are at Daw
San San Mya's house in Jurong (Singapore).

Zaw Aung

Editor's note:
Ko Sein Shwe is EP 67, ex-sphs 61.

From the spreadsheet attachment of Ko Zaw Tun Naing's e-mail

Contribution List for U Khin Mg Htwe Date: 30.04.2006

SN Name Amount( S$ )
1 U Nyan Win Shwe 50
2 U Zaw Tun Naing 50
3 U Myint Thein (S2) 20
4 U Hla Ngwe 20
5 Daniel Tint Lwin 20
6 U Ye Myint + Daw Khin Aye Than 20
7 U Tin Mg Win + Daw Moe Moe Yi 20
8 U Tin Lin 20
9 U Tin Aung Win 20
10 U San Win 20
11 U Moe Myint + Daw Moh Moh Han 20
12 U Myint Thein (M74) 20
13 U Zaw Win Htut 10
14 U Aung Kyaw Thaike + Daw Myint Sandar 50
15 U Mg Aunt 20
16 U Myint San 20
17 U Aye Thwin 20

Total 420

Contribution List for U Khin Mg Htwe Date: 07.05.2006

SN Name Amount( S$ )
1 U Zaw Win (M74) 30
2 U Myint Lwin Oo (Ec 86) 50
3 U San Win ( C83 )+ Daw Aye Aye Min (C83) 50
4 U Tin Aung Win (M74) 50
5 U Htein Lin (M 84) 50
6 U Aung Lin (Ec 85) - Thrimon 200
7 U Thet Tin (M 80) - Shwe Pyi Soe 10
8 Taw Win (Daw Aye Aye) 50
9 U Myint Thein M74 + Daw Kyi Kyi Than 50
10 U Wynn Khai Htay + Daw Cho Cho Than 20
11 U Zaw Win Htut 50
12 U Mg Aunt 50
13 U Sein Lin + Daw Thandar Nyunt 50
14 U Pye Nyunt 50
15 Grace 30
16 Dr U Tun Yi 100

Total 890

                                      Update (May  10,  2006)

ex-rit Singapore

Dear Saya/Sayama and Friends,

On 8 May 2006 (Monday Night), we (Ko Hla Kyi - 77EC, Ko Tin Hla - 79
Mech, Ko Zaw Aung - 84 EC, Ko Aye Thwin - 92 EP and Ko Zaw Tun Naing -
95 Aero) gave Daw San San Mya and two daughters S$ 2110 [contributed by
the alums, friends, and families].

With Metta,
Hla Kyi (77EC)


It has been a very difficult time for myself and my family.
Misfortune has walked into our home and literally taken away the life
of my husband [U Khin Maung Htwe].

In this difficult time I gained some thing -- the unity and
culture of our engineers group and Burmese families. I will never
forget the moral, financial support and kindness provided by our
Burmese families [and friends].

I will come out with a list to share with your how I got through the
difficult task in a timely manner.

San San Mya [EP 72]

From Saya U Aung Myint (Mech 67, Fremont, USA)

I am a silent reader of your UPDATES. Can you advise how can
I contact Sein Shwe (Mech 67)? It is not urgent and only at your
convenient time.

I am confident that everybody receiving your UPDATES will
appreciate very much of your spending your time for all of us,
especially those silent readers. You are doing truly great service to
the ex-rit/ex-ucc communities.

Thanks so much again.

Editor's note:
After nearly four decades, it's difficult to remember the year and
major of every alum that you know.
Ko Sein Shwe (ex-sphs 61, Mech 67) was RIT Luyechun in 4th BE. He
was a member of the SPHS Marching Band. He also plays the do-bat and
harmonica. His wife Ma Maywadi is Elec 67.

Dhamma news

Ko Hla Kyi and dhamma download group,

Rudy Halim, webmaster and media controller of Tathagata Meditation
Center (TMC) has given me 5 CDs of Sayadaw U Silananda's teachings: 4
for the "Abhidhamma" course, and one for "Patissasamupada" (Dependent

Venerable Sayadaw U Nandisena, Saya U Myo Min (ex-ucc) and some
devotees will be hosting a special commemorative web site for Sayadaw U
Silananda. A comprehensive set of Sayadaw's teachings in Myanmar and
English will be available for download from that web site [when it has
been launched].

The Full Moon Day of Kason falls on May 11, 2006. It is also known
as "Buddha's Day", "Thrice Blessed Day" and "Vesak Day".

News snippets from Ko Zaw Tun (Singapore)

Vesak Day Dhamma talk by Dr. Mehm Tin Mon at Relic Centre


SMC News: Vesak Day Celebration on 12 May, Friday 9.30 am

We are pleased to invite you to celebrate Vesak Day (Buddhist Era
2550) on 12 May to mark the Birth, Enlightenment and Parinibbana of our
Lord Gotama Buddha. There will be a Dhamma discussion (English) (Topic:
Open the Gate of Nibbana) conducted by Sayadaw Dr Nandamalabhivamsa,
Rector of the International Theravada Buddhist Mission University, Myanmar.

Do join us on this special occasion. We wish everyone a Happy
Vesak Day! May the Blessings of the Triple Gem shower upon all!


Satipatthana Meditation Centre (SMC) will be organizing a nine-day
Vipassana meditation retreat under the guidance of Venerable Sayadaw U
Rajinda from 16 June (Fri) to 24 June (Sat) 2006 (9 days)

For details, visit .

                                      Update (May  13,  2006)

   Ko Wunna Ko Ko ('98, Japan) asked permission to repost excerpts from
my newsletter updates on his website

From Ko Hla Kyi (EC 77, Singapore)

May I have a copy of 5 CDs of Sayadaw U Silananda's teachings to
upload in and distribute in Singapore and
Myanmar? We want better quality than web site because we get demand and
feedback from dhamma friends. If you allow us to use, please kindly
pass to Ko Soe Win ( who will send to me.

From Ko Kyaw Thu (Dennis, Civil 73, ex-ucc, New Zealand)

I am pleased to inform you that our family website has moved to the
new address below.

Website name: Ring Your Mum
Website address:

For Ko Henry Thet Tun

According to U Hla Min's newsletter (May 6, 2006), RIT alumni
reunion in Sydney will be on July 8, 2006. You can count me in for that.
I have been meaning to visit Sydney, so this is a good opportunity for
me to make the trip.


This weekend, some people celebrate Buddha's Day (also known as
Thrice Blessed Day and Vesak Day) and some people celebrate Mother's Day.

Some people are still celebrating the Myanmar New Year, which
officially fell on mid_April. From Ko Aung Kyaw Thaike's posting on RIT
Yahoo Group: "Warmly Welcome to all of you to participate freely to OUR
SHWE MYANMAR'S NEW YEAR FESTVAL at Informatic Campus Singapore on 14
May 2006 (Sunday)."

Received e-mail from Ko Sein Tin (ex-rit, ex-ucc) and Ko Win Pe
(ex-uuc); both are from Sydney Australia.

The annual 28-day retreat conducted by Shwe Taung Gone Sayadaw U
Pandita or his representative (for this year, it is Sayadaw U Jatila)
began on May 8, 2006 at the Tathagatha Meditation Center (TMC), San Jose.

                                      Update (May  21,  2006)

  "No news is good news."  I'm referring specifically to "nar ye".

Nice to hear from some [usually] silent readers, and to those who
sent me "personal" e-mails, e.g. "Life after 40 -- Approaching the Big
Five Oh".

Ko San Lin's father, U Boon Pin, is one of the most "senior" alums.
Have not heard from U Aw Taik Moh, another "senior" alum who wrote
about the early days. Hope he's well.

Went to one of the "newest" monasteries in the Bay Area for [yet
another] Buddha's Day celebration.

Miscellaneous: Food for thought

* I was a student member of the Burma Research Society for a few
years. I got the BRS journal, which included general information
about Burma, Burmese history, .., and some special series such as
"Birds of Burma", transcriptions of some famous Kyauk-sar (stone
inscriptions), ..

* I attended several BRS congress/conference. In one of them, Saya U
Soe Paing (Elec, Stanford U., sphs 56) presented about digital logic
and digital computers. Some time after that presentation [goes the
"Oral History"], Dr. Chit Swe, who had asked UNDP to fund a computer
project, recruited Saya Paing to be a co-founder and Systems Manager
of Universities' Computer Center (UCC). Saya Chit also recruited Saya
U Myo Min (Chartered Account and ex-employee of IBM UK, sphs 58) and
the late Saya U Ko Ko Lay (Civil, Stanford U., sphs 56) to be
Applications Manager and Operations Manager respectively.

* Saya Soe Paing and another Ko Hla Min (EC 70, sphs 64) spent at the
Kaba Aye Sunlun Gu Kyaung monastery as temporary monks. We visited them
to pay respect to them. Saya U Soe Paing's younger brother was the
"Taik Oke" Sayadaw U Wara (Win Paing, ChE 70, sphs 64, Burma Golf Champion
along with the youngest brother Kyaw Paing (sphs 6x). Several UCC
staff and students chose to be temporary monks at the annual Thingyan
Donalaba ceremony.

* A bio and teachings of the Myingayan Sunlun Sayadaw can be found in
a book in Burmese/Myanmar. A brief bio and exposition of the "Sunlun
Way to Mindfulness" was written by Saya U Win Pe (MPA, Harvard U.,
pseudonyms include Mya Zin, Epsilon,and father of Ko Thet Win (Arch)).
An addendum was written by Saya Dr. Freddie Ba Hli (Elec, Sc.D, MIT).
Daw Khin Myo Chit (renowned writer, and winner of an Asian literary
award, grand mother of Maung Yit) wrote her experiences as a
yogi. Additional material may be found on the Sunlun web site.

* Some web sites of interest:

* Use your favorite search engine to find details about
Mahasi Sayadaw and sasana yeiktha(s)
Sitagu Sayadaw
Ledi Sayadaw and his dhamma lineage: Sayagyi Thet, Saya U Ba Khin,
S. N. Goenka

* You can get dhamma dana publications from several sources:
Buddhist association (in Taiwan)
Sukhi Hotu publications
Triple Gem Publications (the secretariat consists of U Tin Htoon
(Arch 60, US), Dr. Maung Maung Lwin (UK), U Harry Than Htut (Canada),
Sayama Daw Emma Tin Tin Myint (ChE 70, Singapore) and Ko Victor [Htay]
Aung (EC, ex-ucc, sphs 7x, Australia)

* Several religions have "common" things. Avraham, Abraham, and
Ibrahim all refer to the same person (by the Jews, Christians, and
Muslims). They all treat the Old Testament as a sacred text.

* Some authors refer to the early Chirstians (disciples of Jesus
Christ) as "Reformed Jews", who continued to observe Sabbath on
Saturday. The later Christians, trying to assimilate "pagans" and "sun
worshippers", embrace Yule Tide (a precusor of Christmas), the Easter
Egg (a precusor of the Easter, which commemorates the Resurrection),
Sunday (as the "new/formal" day of Sabbath).

* The differences in rituals (e.g. the Seven Sacraments, observation
of Christmas and Eastern using different calendars) led to the
different "sects". The major classifications include Catholics ("Open
minded"), Protestants (Lutheran and the like, who "protested" the
Roman Church), and Orthodox (Greek, Russian, Aremenian, ...) but the
"basic beliefs and traditions" are shared by all denominations.

* Calendars
Myanmar era + 638 = A.D.
Myanmar era + 1182 = Buddhist era (reckoned from the demise of
Buddha rather than his birth)
Myanmar calendar has a "leap month" every three years or so to
synchronize the luni-solar calendar.
Islamic calendar is a true lunar calendar. So, the month of Ramadan
will fall on a different month each year.

* Time
Solar year = 365.2422 ... days
=> 97 leap years in 400 years
=> Gregorian calendar and rule: A leap year (which is not a century
year) is a year divisible by 4; otherwise for a century year, it must
be divisible by 400

* Buddhist chronicles
Mahavamsa (Sri Lankan)
6-volume set (Mingun Tipitaka Sayadaw)
Jinathapasani (Zi nat hta pa kar ta ni) (Kyee the lay htut sayadaw)

Buddha's Day sermon by U Osadha (May 14, 2006)
Rephrased and presented by Hla Min

Theravada Buddhist Society of America (TBSA) once had a meeting to
decide which celebrations should be held. One discussion point is that
the Full Moon Day of Kason (in May) is barely a month after the Myanmar
New Year (in April), and whether it would be a burden for the devotees
and volunteers to organize that event.

Venerable Sayadaw U Silananda reminded the board members, "Since
the Full Moon Day of Kason is the Thrice Blessed Day, should we not
commemorate the day? Depending on the resources and the time, we might
not be able to make a grand event every time, but as Buddhists we
should remember Buddha and his teachings especially on the Thrice
Blessed Day."

True to his words, TBSA has been celebrating Buddha's day. One
notable exception was when the monastery reconstruction began at Half
Moon Bay, the Metta Vihari Chanting Group, Board Members, and some
devotees celebrated the "smallest" Buddha's Day celebration in the
history of TBSA.

Today's dhamma talk is about Bodhi. It has three meanings: (1)
wisdom (2) sabbinnutanana (omniscience) (3) knowledge of the Four Noble Truths.

At the foot of Dipankara Buddha, a young hermit received byadita
(prediction) that he would eventually become Gautama Buddha. From that
instant, the hermit became a bodhisutta (bodhisatva in sanskrit) where
sutta (satva) means "being".

Today, you should recollect about the many lives of the bodhisatta
especially King Vissandara -- known for his super dana (including his
beloved wife and children) -- and Prince Siddhata who courageously made
a decision to leave his new born child in quest of Bodhi.

Today, the Metta Vihara Chanting Group recited "Pathana" (relations
of both the animate and the inanimate worlds), which is considered one
the important teachings of Lord Buddha along with "Patisasamupada".
However, the latter is applicable to the animate world but not to the
inanimate world.

Within this alloted time, we want to explain the three classes of
bodhi: (1) sammasambuddha (one who knows, practices, and teaches bodhi)
(2) paccekkabuddha (silent Buddhas) (3) savakabuddha (listening disciples).

A sammasambuddha can specialize on panna (wisdom), sadha (faith),
or viriya (effort). It is said that it takes 4, 8, and 16 accenkeyas
and 100000 world cycles for the three specializations. Gautama Buddha
chose to specialize on wisdom.

The paccekkabuddhas achieve bodhi by observing nature. They rarely
teach others. They may also appear in numbers.

The rest had to learn by listening. In the suttas, several verses
were repeated to allow the listeners to absorb and comprehend. With the
advent of writing and publishing, there is less need for repetition,
but we still need to listen to dhamma talks.

Today, some celebrate Mother's Day. You have taken special effort
to come to celebrate Buddha's Day. It is not for "Ah Hsar" (food). It
is also for "Taya" (dhamma).

Miscellaneous: New/Old TBSA President

Despite the inclement weather, most invitees showed up at the
special meeting at Dhammananda Vihara, Half Moon Bay [on March 5, 2006].

Ko Kyaw Teza (Terrence Kyaw), secretary and work horse of TBSA for
nearly a decade, related the achievements during the tenure of Saya U
Myat Htoo [Civil 68]: notably the successful completion of the
construction project after surmounting seemingly endless obstacles;
physical, spiritual, and monetary support for the propagation of the
sasana in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond; dhamma dana
publications of the works of the resident sayadaws, ...

Attending to Sayadaw U Silananda's health last year had delayed U
Myat Htoo's request for "retirement" after 10 active years as TBSA
President, and to serve only as an Advisor (Nayaka). Due to health
concerns, U Myat Htoo recently reiterated his desire to retire.

Who can fill in his shoes? There are surely lots of young, energetic
individuals, but they would need some time to adapt and lead the
largest Myanmar Theravada monastery and congregation in the West. The
Sayadaws' short list consisted of old core Executive Committee (EC)
members. After days of deliberations, the Sayadaws requested Ko Stanley
Khoo (ex-sphs 63), semi-retired Master Mariner who runs his own
consulting business, to take the helm.

At the meeting, the Sayadaws, Ko Kyaw Teza, Daw Wai Wai Lwin
[Treasurer in the early days of TBSA], and several devotees recounted
the experience and dedication of Ko >Stanley Khoo.
- He helped raise the first $435 as seed money to register TBSA as
a non-profit organization and "sponsor" Sayadaw U Silananda [who was
then "a week away" from "non-voluntary" return to Burma/Myanmar.
- His brothers and cousins form a core group that pooled their
resources with other devotees to help Sayada U Silananda stay in the
Bay Area to teach, write, and lead meditation retreats and conduct
dhamma courses/talks
- He served TBSA in various capacities: Secretary, President, ...
- He helped bring over "a ton" of Sayadaw's books at a "token" cost
- He helped bring over the "Palin" for Dhammananda Vihara
- He organized the "Scattering of the ashes" ceremony for Sayadaw U
- He helped write the constitution/bye-laws of TBSA
- He continued to give counsel to the ECs [as acknowledged by Ko
Kyaw Teza]

Ko Stanley Khoo was unanimously elected as the new TBSA President.
In his acceptance speech, he thanked all those who have helped TBSA
over the years. With team work, he is convinced that TBSA can be taken
to new heights.

We urge readers to compliment Ko Stanley Khoo for his role as a
co-founder and Past President of TBSA, later as a sustaining
supporter/advisor, and last but not the least as the newest TBSA
President. One Sayadaw likened the event to a "shining star that came
back with splendor after 20 or 25 years".

Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu.

                                      Update (May  22,  2006)

   It's good to hear from usually silent readers and sad to hear news
about ill health, "downsizing and restructuring, and especially
terminal diseases and death.

Sad news from Singapore

Ko Myint Lwin (Civil 84) and Ma Myat Lay Nwe saw their son
OKKAR PHYO, 2nd Yr - IT (Ngee Ann Polytechnic) peacefully depart on
Friday 19 May 2006 at Singapore.

For condolences and financial support, please contact 62934388.


Kindly add my classmate U Tin Nwe (Melvin Sein), Civil '68, in your
mailing list for future RIT news updates. I have already forwarded your
recent postings about the demise of our dear friend Ko Khin Maung Htwe
to him already. I'm cc'ing this to him also. Thank you.

With metta,
[Saya U ] Myat Htoo (Civil 68, California, USA)


I still have not set up a home e-mail address yet, and I would like
to still hear about RIT news. Please send the newsletters to my work
address ( as you used to send them to my home e-mail

Michael Aye ('71, Georgia, USA)

                                      Update (May  24,  2006)

   The First RIT Grand Reunion and Saya Pu Zaw Pwe was held in South
San Francisco in October 2000. The Second and grander one was held in
Singapore in December 2002. The Third and much grander one was held in
Yangon, Myanmar in December 2004. The Fourth Grand Reunion and SPZP was
originally scheduled to be held either in Myanmar (first choice) or
Singapore (second choice) in late 2006, but due to unforseen
circumstances it had to be deferred to April 2007. The planning for
SPZP 2007 is under way as per posting by ex-rit Singapore.

On July 8, 2006, there will be an Australia-wide Reunion, which
will be attended by alums from New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, ...

SPZP 2007

Dear all,

Please be informed that there will be Ex-RIT, Singapore 8th
meeting on

Date : 28.05.2006 (SUNDAY)
Time : 14:00 to 16:00 ( 2:00pm to 4pm )
Venue : Canteen @ Informatic Campus
Jurong Town Hall Road
Jurong East MRT

1. To form 2007 Sayapuzawpwe committee
2. Any other matter

Please come forward and give us good idea. Your attendance is value
to EX-RIT, Singapore.

                                      Update (May  27,  2006)

   Just received an e-mail with MS Word document from Ko Htay Aung
(Victor, Elec) regarding the forthcoming ex-RIT [mini] Reunion in
Sydney , Australia.

Interested alums should contact Ko Thet Tun (Henry) and Ko Terrence
before June 21, 2006. Alums from overseas should indicate if (a) they
need to be picked up at the airport (b) if they need booking for Hotel.

Per request from some of my sayas and colleagues, I do NOT attach
documents to my email updates.

ex-rit Australia

Dear Ex-RIT Faculty Staff and Alumni,

You are cordially invited to a get together dinner in Sydney.

Date: July 8, 2006 (Saturday)
Time: 6 - 11 p.m.
Venue: Club Fox Hills,
Fox Hills Crescent,
Prospect, NSW 2148

The venue location map and a direction is provided [on the

We look forward to seeing you in Sydney.

With best regards,

Ex-RIT Alumni in Sydney

P.S. If you require to be picked up at Sydney airport or recommend/book
accommodation nearby to the venue, please contact the persons shown below.

Victor Htay Aung
Tel (Mob): 61418 168588

Henry Thet Tun
Tel (Mob): 61411 849 797

Terence Bartlett
Tel (Mob):61401 363412

Theikdi Hla
Tel (Mob): 61417 404611

Fox Hills Golf Club is located in Prospect, which is one of many
suburbs of the greater Sydney. It is about 34 km west of Sydney CBD
(Central Business District, ie Down Town).

The nearest train station is Seven Hills Station (Western line), which
is about 50 minutes away from the Sydney Central Railway station and
2.5 km away from the Fox Hills golf club. Please contact the names
shown if you require pick up at the station.

If you are driving, head towards Sydney west along Great Western
Highway and turn right at the traffic light into Blacktown Road and
then turn right sharply into the Fox Hills Crescent. There is a free
car parking facility for visitors at the club.


"Continuous" chanting of Pathan (to celebrate Buddha's Day) is being
conducted at the Mettananda Vihara, Central Fremont, California.

Start: May 28, 2006 3 p.m.
End: May 29, 2006 1 p.m.


Puzaw Pwe for Thatdhaamaranti (Saddhamaransi) Sayadaw on his 85th
birthday took place today (May 28, 2006) at Bhama Vihara, Azusa (Los
Angeles area), Southern California.

                                      Update (May  28,  2006)

   It's been 7 years since I started sending the RIT Alumni
International e-mail news update.

In the beginning, there was tremendous response from sayas and
colleagues. Alums were excited to get reconnected with "long lost"
classmates, schoolmates, and friends. People were eager to write about
"trips down memory lane", the RIT canteen, survey trips to Kyaikhtiyo,
restoration of the "hti" at Shwe Dagon Pagoda after a major earthquake,
representing RIT and/or Rangoon University in various sports,
biographies and auto-biographies, entries for GBNF, ...

Ko Khin Maung Zaw (KMZ) then was a leading eligible bachelor
working four 10 hour-days only and having time and commitment to design
and implement

I still get a few e-mails, but some of them are "private".
Occasionally, I get "I'm still alive" or "I'm about to retire, so
please send to my home e-mail" messages from some sayas and colleagues.

Wearing so many different hats coupled with deadlines at my day
time job, I could no longer "churn out" updates (even if I wish to)
like the 64 "Countdown to the Reuion" and 36 "Post-Reunion"
news/articles for the First RIT Grand Reunion and Saya Pu Zaw Pwe held
at Enbassy Suites, South San Francisco, USA in October 2000. Feel free
to read them from the archives at the various RIT-related web sites,

Knowing that the "RIT spirit is alive and well" -- exemplified by
the countless class/major mini-reunions, reunions, grand reunions and
SPZPs -- keeps me going the extra mile.

I need news/feebback/articles from you to make my job easier.

I remember a teacher quoting a short correspondence [as a negative
example for creative writing]:
"I am writing this letter because I have nothing to do, and I am
ending this letter because I have nothing to say."


Saya U Aung Zaw (ex-ucc, Sydney, Australia) will host an ex-ucc
reunion on July 2, 2006.


Saya Thann Naing (Bonnie, ex-sphs, Sydney, Australia) will host an
ex-sphs reunion on or around July 4, 2006.


Australia-wide ex-rit reunion will take place in Sydney, Australia
on July 8, 2006.


Dhamma Day celebration will be held on May 29, 2006 at Sae-Taw-Win

That's all for now.

With metta,
Hla Min

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