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All ex-Faculty members and Alumni are welcome to post or submit short notes and articles. Please contact the webmaster to submit your articles.
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 On The Road To Millennium Re-UnionAung Khin, Sayagyi U (Mechanical)9/4/2000
 Kyaik-Htiyo Development Project 1979 (Supplement)Min Wun, Sayagyi U (Civil)6/1/2000
 Kyaik-Htiyo Development Project 1979Koung Nyunt, Dr. U (Arch 67) - New Zealand5/20/2000
 Part I - 1950 - Enrollment at B.O.C. CollegeAung Khin, Saya U (Mech)5/16/2000
 April, 2000 - ActivitiesMaurice Chee, Ko (Mech 75)5/5/2000
 Financial Supporters for RIT Alumni WebsiteMaurice Chee, Ko (Mech 75)5/3/2000
 Wanna Migrate to New ZealandKoung Nyunt, Dr (Arch 67)3/15/2000
 Trip to RITDanny Tint Lwin, Ko (Mech 69) - NTU, Singapore1/23/2000
 Unforgettable RITMyint Thein, U (a) Michael (Mech 74)12/22/1999
 An invitation from WRTCKhin Ni Ni Thein, Dr. Daw (Civil 77) (WRTC)11/6/1999
 A Note from Dr. Khin Ni Ni Thein (WRTC)Khin Ni Ni Thein, Dr. Daw (Civil 77) (WRTC)11/6/1999
 RIT to UCC and the UCC-RIT connectionSoe Paing, Saya U (Electrical)11/2/1999
 Part II - How I remember RIT in the early 70s and 80sVictor Aung (a) Htay Aung, Ko (Electronics 80)9/17/1999
 Part IX - Yaung Daw Pyan Paya PweHtin Paw, Saya U - CL. 1958 B.Sc.Engg.9/11/1999
 I have been to meTin Tin Myint, Daw (Chemical 70) (a) Emma Myint9/10/1999
 Forest Resource Environment Development and Conservation Association - FREDA(posted at the request of Saya U Soe Paing)9/10/1999
 Part I - What I remember BIT-RIT in the early 60s and 70sVictor Aung (a) Htay Aung, Ko (Electronics 80)8/27/1999
 Part VIII - Living in Harmony with NatureHtin Paw, Saya U - CL. 1958 B.Sc.Engg.8/21/1999
 Part VII - Good Grade Does Matter in CollegeHtin Paw, Saya U - CL. 1958 B.Sc.Engg.8/13/1999
 Part VI - How I groom my ChildHtin Paw, Saya U - CL. 1958 B.Sc.Engg.8/10/1999
 BOC College GraduateAw Taik Moh, Mr. - CL. 1954 B.Sc.Engg.8/9/1999
 Part V - The founding of Burma Engineer AssociationHtin Paw, Saya U - CL. 1958 B.Sc.Engg.8/8/1999
 Part IV - Instruction from Spiritual GuidesHtin Paw, Saya U - CL. 1958 B.Sc.Engg.8/8/1999
 Welcome Dinner for Saya U Num KockSain Fone Wong (a) Saya U San Tun8/6/1999
 Reunions with Saya U Aung KhinDaniel Tint Lwin, Ko (Mech 69), Singapore8/5/1999
 Part III - An Engineer in the Mystic WorldHtin Paw, Saya U - CL. 1958 B.Sc.Engg.8/5/1999
 Part II - Years as an EngineerHtin Paw, Saya U - CL. 1958 B.Sc.Engg.8/5/1999
 Part I - The Young and Restless Years at Rangoon University and BOCHtin Paw, Saya U - CL. 1958 B.Sc.Engg.8/5/1999
 1969 RIT Graduates Re-union (Yangon, Dec 1999)Daniel Tint Lwin, Ko (Mech 69), Singapore7/31/1999
 Welcome to New Zealand in Y2KKoung Nyunt, Dr. (Arch 67)7/31/1999
 Survival and TransitionKoung Nyunt, Dr. (Arch 67)7/31/1999
 BIT-RIT daysMyint Khine, Ko (a) Norman Khine (Civil 63)7/31/1999
 Pre-BIT daysMyint Khine, Ko (a) Norman Khine (Civil 63)7/31/1999
 Your mate from Down UnderMyo Win, Saya U (Mech)7/31/1999
 Brief stay at BOC College and Leik KhoneSoe Paing, Saya U (Electrical)7/31/1999
 RIT Sayas Football TeamSoe Paing. Saya U (Electrical)7/31/1999
 Building Together - rit_together@egroupsHtin Myaing, U (Arch. 1966)7/28/1999
 An article from U Tin HtoonTin Htoon, U (Arch 1960)7/24/1999©
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