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From: "aung myat thu"
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000 21:15:24 CET

Dear ko hla min,

     Thank you for your great efforts and let us confess that we enjoy every time whenever we surf on your site even though we did not catch up many of your items actually. (We just passed through RIT for a decade lasting since 1982.)
     Moreover, your web site also encourages us to overcome as lurkers and finally write a letter to you. We think this is the your first step of your dreams and we are wondering what your next steps will be for alumni.
     We guess, in the near future, without any political means, you will add a discussion forum about "how to help and/or save RIT" which is urgently in need for help in a variety of ways while divided into three places: ygn, mdy (near pa-thein-gyi), pyi (near maw-zar) and one to be coming soon: hlaing-thar-yar (near nyaung-done).
     We really don't know how to help RIT, and even though we wish to, we do not have enough power and sources to do so. But we believe that with the aid of your great site, you can organize and establish a forum, and collect funds or something like that and hope, it will go on ...
     Another thing what we have learned from your pages is that you need to create a space for other RIT subgroups such as Mg yit, nlthein, ... under your web site (and not simply treat them as links), even if you want to maintain only ex-rit group. You have to consider the generation gap between us. As we mentioned above, we do not know your sayagyis at all and most of your news do not address us. We think that's why some young guys want to create separate pages of their own.
     Let us stop here. And wishing you a happy millennium,

yours truly,
amthu & hswai

Ko Aung Myat Thu,

     Thanks for your suggestions. I'll request KMZ, our webmaster, to post your letter on our website.

     We do realize that there are generation gaps. The alumni in the list span over four decades. Most of my Sayagyis are retired or semi-retired. A lot of my friends are managing RIT/YIT/MIT/YTU, etc.

      The website was cooked up as a QA site by KMZ. He is in the process of designing and implementing enhancements to the website. They'll probably include:
          - forums (or discussion groups)
          - regional news/activities
          - class [year/decade] news
          - database to incorporate associates [people who joined the engineering schools, but for various reasons did not complete their studies].

     There are many things that we'd like to do, but KMZ and I both have busy schedules at our day jobs. We'll try our best to improve the site.

     Thanks once again for raising the issues.

-- Hla Min

Dear webmaster KKMZ, Editor Ko Hla Min and Ko Hla Kyi,

     Happy New Millenium!!!
     I am co-founder of RIT, YIT, YTU Student Reunion together with Mg Yit (Maung Maung Win, EC 1993). We do not intend to seperate from RIT Alumini International. We want to pass the message within our group which means 90's batch, and another is just for fun. Furthermore, we use yahoo clubs web only, it is interactives within our friends.
     We still believe that we are part of the RIT Alumini International. But, we think that there is no message passing through in Singapore branch net. If you have free time, you can contact us any time and we'd like to contribute whatever we can, for RIT Alumini International Singapore branch.

Ko Hla Kyi,
     This is the our view for RIT alumini International and Singapore branch. We don't have any other ideas for seperation. Our conscience is clear.
     Our family (group of 90's) is about 20 persons in Singapore.

With Metta,
Wynn Khai Htay (Mech 1993)

     I was also graduated from RIT in 1978 from Civil Engg. I am keen to contact with friends and colleagues from civil and other departments. Currently, I am living in NZ, and working for a local government as asset management engineer for roading infrastructures.
    Please send some of your addresses (email) of alumni students.

Indra Gyawali (Civil 1978)

New Zealand alumni, please contact Indra if you see this message.

     I was graduated from RIT in the year 1970 with Civil Engineering. I am looking to my friends who were away from our Golden Land of Myanmar since 1970 and afterwards. Let me tell you something about myself. I retired from PWD Myanmar in 1993 and joined Louis Berger International, Inc. (USA) since that time. My first assignment was in Bangladesh, working for World Bank Loan Project. After that I was in Thailand in Expressway Construction Project from Bangkok to Pataya. Then I was in Philippines constructing a huge Amphitheatre for former President Mr. Ramos in former American Clark Air Base. At present I am in India with the same Louis Berger Company working for a World BAnk Loan NAtional Highway Project and I will be here for another 18 months.
     When I saw this web site I was happy to know something about my former Professor, Lecturers and Tutors and some of my class mate from 1970 Batch. If somebody from 1970 Batch has found out my newsletter please contact me. Especially I want to get contact with Patrick Fong, Albert, Aung Myint, Ko Zaw Win, Aung Naing Tun, Ko Htay Aung. All my colleagues are Civil Engineering Students passed in 1970.

Best Regards,
Tha Kyaw Zan (Civil 1970)

OK, the alumni class of Civil 1970, please contact Ko Tha Kyaw Zan if you happen to see this message.

     I would appreciate very much if you could kindly correct my last name to "Htway" instead of Htwe as shown in your files. I attended Rangoon University from 1953 thru 1959. I worked for Burma Unilever Ltd. 1959 - 1967 as Engineering Manager and I came to United States in 1967, changed my major to civil/ structural engieering and served County of Los Angeles, Building and Safety Division for over 31 years. Recently I retired from the county service as District Building and Safety Enginner (in march 1999). I am married and my wife's name is Yvonne Htway. We have three grown-up children.

Khet Khet Htway Burger, Leipzig, Germany
Tin Htway Jr., West Hills, California,
Zin Maung Htway, Honolulu, Hawaii.

My e-mail address is

U Tin Htway,

   Thank you for your feedback. I am surprised and moved by your feedback, as you know you are one of the senior alumni in our database. As requested, I have changed your name to the correct spelling, and also added your email address. We would like to hear more from you, please write us short notes and articles on your engineering experiences both back in Burma and in US. We also have couple of senior alumni, who work or used to work for either City or County of LA.
   I hope to hear from you soon.

With Metta
Khin Maung Zaw

Dear Editor and Web Master,
     We need to do something to put forward whoever visit your website know exactly whom he is associated with.
     You never know if someone from a website from the "Related Links" may
    - claim your website as supporting their cause(s)
    - solicit members in your database to join their [controversial] discussiongroup(s)
    - misrepresent the activities of the alumni web site.

Dated - Thu Sep 16 1999
Dear Concerned,
     As you know, our web site is non-political, non-religious, and non-commercial. We have added a DISCLAIMER in the "Related Links" section, and wherever relevant.
     We have provided related links solely for the fact that they are run by RIT alumni. We are not affiliated with the organizations. We do not have voice or opinion on the materials presented on their web sites.

-- Hla Min
Dear Editor and Web Master,
     I am not sure you have done enough to disclaim your website with other politically oriented websites. We need to do some thing that would beclean and simple. You have not provided adequate protection to your database from misuse by other websites. Think carefully.

Still Concerned
Dear Still Concerned,
     There are several websites where you can even buy personal/private information. There are also agencies that will mass-mail for less than 6c per e-mail. We have not published any addresses and phone numbers. We have a column in our database that if clicked will send out an e-mail to that person only; we assume that that e-mail is a private account and that we have explicit/implicit permission from the owner. We can make the database protected to outsiders, but if we protect it to alumni as well, our "mission" to have a virtual union will have failed.
     I have refused to join discussion groups formed by some alumni (such as Ko Htin Myaing and Khin Ni Ni Thein), or any other discussion group for that matter since controversial subjects often tend to rush into *flames*.
     I have politely refused to join the board of other organizations (including BAPS), because I want to have an unbiased say of our website.
     I have declined to join other Burmese web rings including the websites promoting Dhamma, because the alumni is made up of people with diverse backgrounds and beliefs.
     In short, we have tried to avoid/minimize distractions and controversies, so that the "Grand Physical Reunion" can take place.

-- Hla Min
Dear K.Khin Maung Zaw/ K. Hla Min:
     It is gratifying to see your Website has taken shape to a level that you two can be proud of, in such a short period. Your efforts would be well remembered and appreciated for years to come.
     This Website has just begun to take shape and is getting to the point where all ex-RIT's can benefit from. My proposal, which you may already have done, is to solicit short notes from each and every one of our ex-faculty members. Like for example, I am sure Dr. Freddy Ba Hli and Dr. U Aung Gyi, must have done some thing exemplary accomplishments to have deserved such a celebrity status in the engineering academia in Myanmar. The exemplary accomplishments can be used as model for the future generations. A good role model is very hard to come by. Most of our ex-faculty members are the cream of the crop and we should feel fortunate, if we all can benefit from their experiences. Their words of wisdom are invaluable and I don't think we should let it withered away. Let us get their experiences and let us build upon them to improve ourselves. If we can do that your website can say we have serves the needs of the many, old and young ex's and all RIT's.
     I am sure if we solicit from them, they would be happy to contribute their experiences or words of wisdom, to your website. Your Website is just as clean as an Irish Spring Soap, free of all politics and commercials too. The new improved format looks just great, I can see there is a continuous improvement being made to your website.

Maung Paw, USA. Date Wed Aug 25 1999, 1:52 PM
Class of 1958, Electrical
Says U Htin Paw, I have forwarded your letter to Saya Dr. F Ba Hli and Saya Dr. Aung Gyi. (KMZ)
     This web site is a great effort much appreciated I am sure, by all graduates and faculty of RIT. We all have very fond memories of our student days at RIT and we feel young again whenever we meet our old friends. After visiting this site, I felt so much better and proud that I am a graduate of RIT.
     We have crossed many rivers and bridges in our lives and treasured many a fond memory but none can compare the good times that I had in my RIT student days.
      Thanks again to Ko Hla Min, Ko Khin Maung Zaw & all others who have devoted their precious time to bring us all in togetherness again with this website.

Ko Henry Thet Tun, Sydney, Australia. Date Wed Aug 18 19:18:47 1999
Class of 1975, Mechanical
Thanks Ko Henry for your feedback. Send us suggestions/comments/ideas to make this website useful, interesting, and informational to all ex-Faculty and Alumni.
Dear Web Editors,
     After long years, I have now finally managed to find some of my old friends and Sayas from our RIT in your website. Many thanks to you. You have done a very good job and hope that we could keep this website going on, in order to keep in touch with all of our RIT Alumni especially who are living overseas. Please let me know how to register my name in your Alumni list so that my other friends could be able to contact me as well.
    My hello to Saya U Tin Htut (Mech., USA) Saya Dr. Tin Win (Mech., Texas), and Saya U Tu Myint (Mech., Singapore), I was one of your student at class of 1973 (Mechanical final year), and my elder brother L Than Myint (Mechanical and ex-RUBC) is also a good friend of yours as well. Now he is living in Bangkok, Thailand. I am now working at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), in UK, a research associate in the Department of Chemical Engineering.
    Thanks again to the web editors for marvelous job.
    Hope to hear some news from my old friends of class 1973 (mechanical).

Dr. L Sein Myint, Research Associate, Department of Chemical Engineering,
UMIST, PO Box 88, Manchester M60 1QD, UK. Date 17/8/99, 16:10 PM (GMT)
Class of 1973; Mechanical
Ko Lawrence, we are glad to hear that you are now in contact with your Sayas and old friends through this website. We have forwarded your message to the Sayas you've mentioned in your message.
Dear Ko Hla Min and Ko Khin Maung Zaw,
     Congratulations on your marvellous work done on I am very impressed and proud of your web page, and have given the good news to our friends at B.A.S.E.S. (Burmese American Science and Engineering Society).
     We had the BASES, gathering and Dinner hosted by U Khin Maung Lay on July 31, 1999. It was a very pleasant evening attended by over 170 guests. This was the first time for BASES to have a Dinner, although we usually met in the past for Lunch and Picnics. BASES is a professional and educational organization. A university degree is not even required, and is for professionals or students in office or industry. We have now doctors, dentists and accountants, etc although we started primarily for scientists and engineers.
    We will keep you posted on our events, and are welcome to drop by to visit us when you are in Los Angeles.
    Congratulations again on your splendid job on

U Tin Htut, Los Angeles, USA, Date : Saturday, August 14, 1999 12:07 PM
Class of 1959, Mechanical (ex-Faculty)
Dear Ko Johnny,
     Many thanks for those emailed-newsletters before the site was officially launched.
     The site looks great and professional. Based on my own experience I can appreciate how much time and effort Ko KMZ must have put in, in single-handedly cooking up a QA website.
    Thanks to all the Sayas and collegues who came up with this brilliant idea!

With best regards,
Dennis Mackey (a) (Kyaw Thu), New Zealand, Date : Saturday, August 14, 1999 4:47 AM
Class of 1973, Civil
Own business website:
(Thanks to the computer experience gained at UCC, Rangoon)
Personal homepage:
Thanks for your beautiful letter.
Dear Johnny (Ko Hla Min) and Ko Khin Maung Zaw,
     Many thanks for your message. I have visited the RIT web site. My congratulations on an excellent job. Keep up the good work. I just hope that one day Burma will be able to use the services of such excellent and talented engineers as you all are proving to be in the States. I have been slowly disseminating all the material in the web site and shall get in touch as soon as possible. Meanwhile, if there is anything I can do in the UK regarding our Alumni, do give me a call.

Regards, Date : Friday 13 August 1999 01:23
Ko Norman (Myint Khine - Civil 63)
Dear Ko Hla Min:
     Thank you again, your website has enables me to re found my long lost nephew, Ko Toung (Tom Liu). He said he was your classmate. We lost contact since 1971. Thank you for speeding up this rediscovery.
Maung Paw (Saya U Htin Paw), Date : 08/11/99

Ko Hla Min,
     Thanks for the speedy re-discovery as described by Saya Htin Paw. Saya Gadaw Alice left for London on last Saturday (8/7/99). We picked up Saya Paing and had a good time at Foxwoods casino. We drove to Ko TAG's on Monday and again had a very good time together. We missed you and hoped you were there.
     Next time when you come to the east coast, three of us should get together again. At least, please visit us.

Tom Liu (a) Ko Toung, Date : 08/11/99
We are glad to know that some speedy reunions between long lost relatives have taken place.
Dear Ko Hla Min and Ko Khin Maung Zaw:
     First and foremost my gratitude to both of you for initiating the email exchange and later bringing about the RIT Alumni website, all in a very brief time, to bring the ex-Faculty staff and graduates back together as one big family - the way we experienced it back then. Congratulations for a job well done. Compilation of the alumni database and the organization of the website are impressive achievements realizing that the two of you worked single-handedly to bring them about. We are appreciative of your contributions to and the sacrifices of personal time you made for the upliftment of the RIT Alumni and the Burmese Engineering community residing abroad.
     From among the contributors, I would personally like to mention Saya U Soe Paing, Saya U Htin Paw and Mr. Aw Taik Moh. U Soe Paing for his reminiscence on RIT Staff vs. Students soccer games. U Htin Paw for sharing his spiritual odyssey. Mr. Aw Taik Moh for vivid accounts of his sojurn at BOC College of Engineering, in A Land Faraway and at A Time Not Too Long Ago.
     To all our fellow ex-Faculty and fellow Graduates of BOC College of Engineering & Mining, Rangoon University Faculty of Engineering, and the Rangoon Institute of Technology, where ever you are, let us join together and make this endeavor started by Ko Hla Min and Ko Khin Maung Zaw a resounding success.

On behalf of the San Francisco Bay Area Group,
Saya Allen Htay (Civil), Date : Thursday, August 12, 1999 1:37 AM
The web site would not have been possible without the numerous people, notably the class representatives and the area representatives, who asked their friends and colleagues to participate in the worthy cause -- a grand reunion. Thanks to all those who found the time and energy to write short notes and letters, to post messages on the bulletin board, to submit photos, to provide feedback, to write encouraging words in our guest book, and last but not the least, to visit and revisit our web site.
     We visited the Alumni Website for RIT after hearing it from U Myint Swe and Daw San San. It gives us such a delightful feeling as if we are back visiting our old school, virtually, after a long absence of almost a quarter of a century. We saw a lot of our old friends and colleagues there. We could virtually hear some of them talking and laughing too. We are glad that someone came up with such a magnificent idea for keeping us informed and eventually connected. Even more commendable are people who have invested their time and hard work to make it a reality. The design of the web site is great.
     We would like to make a correction and complete our listing on the alumni list:
    Please add Suzie Lin (aka Suzie Yea) class of 74, EP to the list. E-mail:
    Please correct the spelling of the last name for Kuensan Lim listed to LIN. E-mail:
    Our address is 1907 Rosewood Lane, Sugar Land, TX 77479
     (The state is shown incorrectly as CA in the list).
    Our phone number is (281) 565-4393.
     We would like to make our address, phone number and e-mail address available to all of our friends.

Kuensan & Suzie Lin (a) Suzie Yea, Sugarland, Texas, USA, Date : 8/10/99 12:57PM
class of 1966, Chem & class of 1974, EP
Gee, another letter right from the heart... We appreciate it.. Credit for the idea on the Website should be given to Ko Hla Min (EC 1969) and Saya U Soe Paing (Electrical).
     It's very interesting everytime to read various guest book messages, feedback letters, and articles as well as names of Sayas and Alumni. It reminded me of so many years of memories as I used to live and grow up in the RIT Campus for about 20+ years (from as far as I remember to 1983) and also happened to study there. I hope to see more sticky pages to come along in the future. I should be writing something about my life in and around RIT, shouldn't I?

Victor Aung (a) Ko Htay Aung, Australia, Date : 8/9/99
Class of 1980, Electronics
We look forward to seeing articles from you.
     Today I saw your email about alumni web site. I straight away opened the page. I greatly appreciate your efforts to form this page and alumni [database]. I was touched by the pictures of sayas and old friends. I got strange feelings and tears come out. Time passed. Many things had changed. People are/were aging day by day, but the fact that we were once RIT students will never change.

Swe Tin, Singapore, Date : 8/7/99 10:05:52 PM (ET)
Class of 1977, Electronics
Needless to say, we are very touched by letters like this one.
     This is a very interesting web site which I learnt from my classmate Ko Toung. My wife and I both enjoy this web site very much. Whoever in making this web site available has done an excellent job. Keep up the good job. Thanks.

John Lee (a) U Tin Myint, Union City, California, USA, Date : Aug 06 07:44:53 1999
Class of 1969, Mech
     Good day KMZ, its me Thantsin well known as Ko Cho in NZ. This is my first visit to and am really impressed. My wife Theingi Myint said no wonder its your creation. You might remember her at Computer Center. When I saw RIT entrance.., there are heaps of unforgettable things especially ShaySaung Workshop, good drinking times with Mogoe Group, and Saya Gyis.

Thantsin (Ko Cho), New Zealand, Date : 8/2/99 2:47 PM
Class of 1976, Mechanical
Thank you for your kind remarks, I cannot take the credit myself, this is a team effort, so many Sayas and colleagues deserve the credit as well.
     I was a 1982 graduate from R.I.T majoring in Mechanical and I am living in New Jersey Area. Please add my eMail address in mailing list.

Danny H-N Lin, USA, Date : 7/31/99 5:43:13 PM (ET)
(No email address received.)
The feedback facility had a bug, and as a result, we did not receive your email address. Please contact the Webmaster as soon as possible.
     I was a teacher of Engineering Geology Department. I got scholarship from Germany. I am happy to contact my Institute again.

Daw War War Min Schaefer, Germany, Date : 7/28/99 4:17:43 PM (ET)
(No email address received.)
The feedback facility had a bug, and as a result, we did not receive your email address. Please contact the Webmaster as soon as possible.
     Thank you for putting my father's name under "Gone but not forgotten" catagory. As for the class photo, our family has a few group photos. I told my mom to get a copy and to send it to me. When I receive these photos, I'll scan it and send it to you. Once again, thank you for everything.

Kyawswa, Singapore, Date : Monday, July 26, 1999 8:39 PM
     Please correct my grad year as Civil 1970, also Aye Win Kyaw Civil 1970, U Aung Civil 1970

my personal email :
please post it in the RIT list and I warmly welcome my former teachers and friends all over the world.

best regards,
Myo Khin, Japan, Date : 7/27/99 7:44:33 AM
We do not post email address at this time, but a visitor can click on the 'Yes' link on the email column of the search results, and send email to the alumni, or ex-faculty. A new feature is in the works, where a visitor can click or the alumni/ex-faculty link to view more details on him/her.
     In the Gone but not forgotten for Architect U Kyaw Min, I DO THINK (sorry the previous feed-back message was incorrect) that the bracket comment "(leader in the student strike movement)" would defeat the website to be non-political. Should we remove it asap. Good to see What's new is growing every now and then.
Could you please correct the following Alumni from Australia. Sorry about the mistakes.
1. Remove duplicate U Hla Myint aka Charlie (Mech ????). He's already in there as (Mech 62) as well as Ex-Faculty.
2. Remove duplicate Ba Tun Aung (Tex 73)
3. Add Yes email-address for Dr. F. Ba Hli
4. Change major for Tha Hlaing (Elec 83) instead of EP.

Victor Aung, Australia, Date : 7/27/99 4:49:45 AM
Necessary actions have been taken as requested.
Ko Hla Min
     Thanks for forwarding mails to me from RIT folks. It's real nice to recall some of the old memories. Even my wife and kids couldn't recognize me in the picture of RIT students/staff. Thanks

Uttam, USA, Date : Wednesday, July 21, 1999 8:02 AM
Hi Ko Hla Min
     I could not sent the following message to you nor Ko Khin Zaw through the email addresses given in the RIT Website. Therefore I am sending it to you again.

Hi Ko Khin Zaw,
     Congratulations for your splendid work. It all started with Ko Hla Min, Ko Myat Htoo, and other enthusiastic RIT Alumni.
     I'm sure that RIT Website will be welcome and visited by many many, more......., because during my tenure of service at Faculty of Engineering (BOC College and then the Lake-Khone) (1957 to 1961)and the Department of Civil Engineering ( BIT and then RIT )(1961 to 1988,........and then when the Institute was closed down, disbanded, and renamed, etccccc......), the number of Civil Graduates is approximately 4000, not to mention other Major Graduates.
     I felt as if I am celebrating a "grand electronic reunion" with my colleagues and my pupils. Your efforts are highly commendable. Please keep up the good work. I would like to point out that my name is missing in the Faculty List. I also notice that Madan Chan is a Civil Major. Please contact me at, if you want to contact me in future.

Saya U Min Wun, USA, Date : July 21, 1999 8:02 AM
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