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    Welcome to the RIT Alumni Web site.
    While the majority of people listed in this web site either graduated pocket option demo account from or taught at the "Rangoon Institute of Technology (RIT)", there are a sizable number of people who attended "BOC Engineering College, Rangoon University", "Leik-khone", and "Burma Institute of Technology (BIT)".

    The articles in the June and July newsletters provide some insights on life in those early days.

    "RIT" was later renamed "Yangon Institute of Technology (YIT)" and "Yangon Technological University (YTU)".

    This web site is non-commercial and non-political, and is run entirely by a team of volunteers.

    The primary objective is to have a virtual reunion of Sayas, Sayamas, and alumni (young and old), who are spread all over the world. To facilitate mini-reunions, reunions, and grand reunions, we have asked permission from the alumni and ex-Faculty members to make their e-mail addresses and/or snail addresses available to people who are looking for "lost" friends, colleagues, and teachers.

    While we have tried our best to keep the information correct and up-to-date, there might be discrepancies which should be brought to the attention of the Web Master.

    Feel free to improve pocket option platform the look and feel as well as the contents of the Web Page. For example, some pictures in the "Photo Gallery" scanned from a Year Book. If you have better quality pictures, please inform the Web Master.©
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